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Spencer Douglas- Investor Of Time

Atlas Douglas being a baby dog.

What I Care About

A little about the Spencer Douglas decision making process. As someone who desires the best for myself and everyone that I work with, I invest a lot of time doing stuff to get to the point of the career I desire. With so much work to do all the time, I base all my decisions on opportunity costs. I believe that time is valuable, and work hard to not waste any time. Investing my time wisely will only better my and my clients’ lives.

Save Time, By Investing Your Time.

The main reason I want to save my time is to be able to be with my dog Atlas. I have had him since 2021, but I, like many dog parents, worry about how long he will be around.

Journey Thus Far

The communities we live in need support. I want to make a difference and sadly you need a lot of money to do that. Business development is the way that we all can impact our communities. A lot of the time business people are bad people, but I want to be different, that has always been my desire.

In September of 2019, I started my education in marketing at Georgian College. The hope of my education was to gain a Co-op position, but unfortunately, the college failed to meet my expectations. There were only a couple of students that were able to get Co-op positions, even in this remote world. This is why I started my blog No Need For College.

During my studies, many of the students didn’t have the drive that I had. For group work, I had to be a self-starter, especially during the period of COVID-19, as all but a couple of professors got lazy and simply posted assignments. Without guidance from professors and assistance from group members, I had to be very independent, a quality I have always had.

When I decided to focus on my business ventures in October of 2023, I also decided to start an interior design program with The Interior Design Institute, to gain a better understanding of interior design.

Spencer Douglas, Business Developer, Project Manager, Marketing Strategist, and Investor. Casual.
At home in the office working a new project, as always.

Spencer Douglas Is A Self-Starter

With all of this in mind, I had to find work to earn money to survive and invest in starting businesses. Being from a rural area and the fact that I went to a community college and gained a diploma, not a degree, I was not able to get the type of work I really wanted. So I went back into construction. During which I developed websites, social media, business plans, and my first business, reclaiming my independent spirit. This business was called Aced To Perfection, but it is now inactive as I have changed my career goals.

Throughout my career, I have developed 2 corporations which I have sole ownership of. Firstly, URA Business Inc., which is a company that helps freelancers build businesses, to improve their careers and lives. URA Business Inc. assists freelancers and small businesses in all steps of business, creating an idea to dissolution. We want everyone to take control of their life, by taking control of their career. The hope is everyone will start their own contracting businesses, to create better income equality.

The other business I own is a local business designed to improve the housing that landlords provide. If we are successful across the city/county, rental costs overall will decrease because rental units will not differ greatly from one another. This company is called Appreciated Estates Inc., we specialize in a range of services that enhance quality of life and increase property resale values and rental income.

The primary focus of my career is growing these corporations to support a variety of charities and causes.

My Career Right Now

URA Business Inc., the final step in your career. You are a business.

URA Business Inc.

URA Business Inc. specializes in developing businesses for freelancers and provides project and business management services for them. At URA Business Inc., we specialize in transforming YOU into a successful business. Our unique blend of personal branding, project management, and business management services is designed to help your business thrive in a highly competitive market. We understand that relatable messaging is key to standing out against your competitors, so we assist you in attaching your personality to your new business. We brand YOU as a business, ensuring that all businesses you are associated with will thrive. Check out the website:

Contact me for a free consultation.

Appreciated Estates Inc.

I am currently operating a service business in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada. The services we provide are interior decorating, interior design, organizing, real estate/ drone photography, and furniture sales. The corporation is focused on increasing the value of homes (estates sounds fancier), hence the name- Appreciated Estates Inc. There will hopefully be room to expand the business to other sectors of real estate. The hope is to include property management, rentals, and home sales within the corporation.

Appreciated Estates Inc. We will appreciate it. You will appreciate it even more.

I find real estate interesting. I believe in investing in real estate for profit, but I think the majority of people doing it are neglectful. If you are investing in real estate, you should consider the people that live there. The property should not have the bare minimum work done to make it “look good”. If you wouldn’t like to live in the space, your tenant won’t either. NEVER, just use white paint over everything, you wouldn’t do it in your own home. Trust your tenants and follow the local laws. You won’t have any respect from your tenants, if you don’t respect them. Be considerate of your tenants and they will do everything to be in your good graces, a considerate landlord brings peace-of-mind, because they are to find.

Invest in real estate if you can, just treat them like human-beings, there won’t be any problems collecting rent. Additionally, the better shape your rental property is in, the less likely your tenant is going to be someone who struggles to pay rent.

If you are a landlord or property manager, please contact me so we can help you, help your tenants, to help you. Simple. Contact me for a free consultation.

Real estate investing. Focusing on rental properties. Improving consistency for tenant rental payments through improving relationships with them.
No Need For College, a blog for future success.


There are 2 blogs that I create content for pretty frequently. The first one is the blog, which is just me talking about what I have been doing in business and my personal life. The inside information about Spencer Douglas is very interesting!

The other blog is about how you don’t need college to find financial freedom. Although I haven’t reached that point yet, it is a journey that will end with me being settled into a management position for all the businesses I start and obtain. I will have income from multiple businesses and authority to still make decisions and continue to work out of pleasure. Please check it out to learn more about my goals for myself and my followers.

As for my businesses, URA Business Inc. and Appreciated Estates Inc., I also make posts on these websites. These blogs are to improve SEO for the entirety of the website. More blogs that get clicked on equals more services that are sold. We want to get our message out and these blogs do that. The benefit for us is money, the benefit for others is savings and better quality of life.


“Atlas Douglas Co.” Store

I have designed

“Investor of Time” Store

I am presently creating a store that connects my personal brand of using time wisely and my company URA Business Inc. The store will be called “Investor Of Time,” which is meant to drive traffic to my business.

The store will sell watches that emphasize the importance of using your time wisely. Our website will feature a plugin that calculates the opportunity costs for our customers, comparing the cost of our watches to the number of hours they would need to work to afford them. This tool will help consumers understand the value of our products in terms of their time and effort.

Stock Investing

Although I am not a frequent stock trader, I have a growing interest in investing. I tend to focus primarily on index funds as they are relatively low-risk, low-fee, and I also hold a mix of liquid assets in my investment portfolio. I am a long-term holder and not particularly interested in short-term trading. In particular, I am interested in investing in dividend stocks that can generate passive income. I regularly write about these topics in my blogs and am always looking for new ideas and investment opportunities.

Stock investing, with lots of ups and downs.

Domain Investing- Through URA Business Inc.

Domain investing presents a fascinating, risky, and potentially lucrative, mostly passive income stream. It is highly competitive as everyone has access to purchase domains that come up for sale. Many of my domain investments have been registered for over a decade (the older the domain, the more likely it is to be valuable) and are relevant to numerous companies or individuals, offering me the flexibility to sell to multiple parties. This typically involves reaching out to each potential buyer individually. As “.com” domains are considered prime real estate globally, I primarily focus on investing in them.

In cases where I’m unable to sell a domain, I opt to park or redirect them to my own websites, generating new traffic by introducing visitors to my services. But, my long-term plan for many of these domains is to create storefronts that generate new revenue for my company and act as content to show how my business can create and manage a wide-variety of businesses.

Click this domain ( to check out the domains I currently have for sale through URA Business Inc. Legitimatize you and your business with the right domain.

Domains are worth the investment.