Financial Freedom and Knowledge

I strive for financial freedom and knowledge in my chosen career path, and I’m making good progress every day. While my journey involves business, it’s important to me that it’s all based on my personal goals and aspirations. So, I’ve made some sacrifices in my social life to focus on achieving financial freedom. Balancing personal and business commitments can be challenging, but I believe in taking steps to improve each day. Although money is not everything, it plays a significant role in creating opportunities and future freedom; freedom is my definition of success. I often ask myself, ‘Is it worth doing now, or can it wait?’ –a question that drives my decision-making.

I have made numerous sacrifices along the way, but I am grateful that I love what I do. Whenever I don’t enjoy something, I simply decide not to do it. Although life is short, my goal is to achieve the things that matter most to me and to make a positive impact on the world. If you want to learn more about my journey and the latest developments, check out my success blog below.

Barrie’s Rental Market: A Better Community Through Landlords Improving Housing
The real estate market in Canada is outrageous, specifically the rental market, especially within Toronto and the surrounding cities. The rental market I am most concerned about is Barrie, Ontario's. I have a deep love for Barrie, but I'm increasingly concerned about its trajectory. The root of the problem lies in the soaring demand for rentals driven by the influx of international students seeking education in the city. International Students Getting Taken Advantage Of By …
Trying Out Artificial Intelligence
AI, You There? I have been trying out Artificial Intelligence and testing out prompts. I am going to ensure most of my writing is original of course, but in times when I want to create a message and have writer's block, AI can help. Editing most of my writing could also make me sound more professional. The fact of the matter is, that most people in this world are going to be using AI, almost …

Business Development & Project Management

As a Business Development Manager or as I call it “Business Creation Manager”, I provide services for improving productivity and time management. I believe every business can function better if you eliminate some tasks and outsource what your team is not the best at doing. It can be that simple, I will evaluate your business and recommend a team of people that can improve those portions of your business. Simple.

Real Estate

I have a passion for real estate because I believe it’s the best investment opportunity available. That’s why I’m also pursuing an education in interior design. I see real estate as the most lucrative industry, and that’s why I’ve chosen it as a career path. My goal is to take Appreciated Estates Inc. from interior design and photography to sales and rentals to reflect the diversified nature of the real estate industry.

Goals and Steps

I see blogging as an opportunity to share what I learn along the way and educate others. Through my blog outlets, I aim to provide valuable insights and knowledge on topics that I am passionate about. Stay tuned for my experiences and discoveries on my blogging journey.