Barrie’s Rental Market: A Better Community Through Landlords Improving Housing

The real estate market in Canada is outrageous, specifically the rental market, especially within Toronto and the surrounding cities. The rental market I am most concerned about is Barrie, Ontario’s.

I have a deep love for Barrie, but I’m increasingly concerned about its trajectory. The root of the problem lies in the soaring demand for rentals driven by the influx of international students seeking education in the city.

International Students Getting Taken Advantage Of By Landlords

These students often shell out tens of thousands of dollars for their education, only to find themselves navigating the Canadian rental market alone. Consequently, they end up in uncomfortable and unsafe rental properties plagued by landlords who micromanage everything, penny pinch, and deceive—ranging from locks on thermostats to unauthorized room entries, infestations, and neglected maintenance. These properties are often overcrowded, unsafe, and frequently violate rental laws. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common in Barrie, given the significant presence of international students, many of whom attend Georgian College on limited budgets. These landlords often post “Indian (females) only” or Muslim (females) only”, because they know they will be too frightened to report issues to authorities.

Better Home, Better Tenant, Better Investment

The solution to the rental problem lies in eradicating illegal rentals and addressing landlords’ unlawful actions. My proposition to these landlords is simple: resolve the issues within their properties by hiring me or other affordable labourers to enhance the living conditions for their tenants. This approach promises higher rental income, fewer payment disputes, and reduced tenant complaints, ultimately alleviating stress for all parties involved. It’s a win-win solution that I can’t see any reason to ignore.

Better Market, Better Community

So, how does this address the rental market? Essentially, what we can expect is some homes increasing their rental prices initially. However, with the supply becoming more balanced across properties, there will be less disparity in the quality of life offered by these rentals. This will prompt prices to eventually decrease as tenants opt for competitively priced rental options. Additionally, the days of premium pricing for legal rental properties will likely fade, as landlords will be compelled to align with the market standard. This could potentially allow individuals experiencing financial hardships, including those residing in shelters or on the streets, to access affordable room rentals.

This is not something that I can do single-handedly and it will take a serious amount of support and outreach. As for what everyone can do and see results quickly is donating to their local shelters. As for my company I will be donating a chunk annual profits every year to shelters. For more information, check out my community mission page.

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