Job Offer?

Whether you’re a company owner or part of a hiring team, I’m eager to learn how my skills and experience could contribute to your organization. I’m open to discussing any potential opportunities that align with my expertise, interests, and goals for the betterment of society. A job offer that improves society or is in business/ marketing sector is ideal for my personal goals and aspirations.

My Current Focus

My current professional focus is project management and business development. At this time I am providing managing consulting/ business creation (like business development but with initial branding and even providing tailored business ideas for clients} services that support mostly freelancers entering the business world. These services are provided through my company URA Business Inc., which was developed to support people who are seen as “inexperienced”.

Years of experience does not prove someone’s knowledge, results do. I believe everyone has the right to prove themselves and that is exactly what I offer through my business. URA Business Inc. frequently creates businesses for copywriters, content creators, editors, graphic designers, artists, photographers, web developers, programmers, and SEO specialists. I also often hire my clients after I provide them my services because they can help my business too. This also can lead to barter transactions; services for my services or products for my services. Through me offering barter transactions it alleviates the pressure for these freelancers who are often strapped for cash, but also increases financial pressures for me.

Having a regular job will create an opportunity for me to offer these services without as much financial pressure. Although freelance is the most freeing thing someone can do in life, it also adds stresses that employees do not have. Therefore people should always consider new business and employment opportunities. Every decision and opportunity has its benefits.

Spencer Douglas is always up for a new challenge.
Spencer is always up for a new challenge.

A Passion Project

My other business venture is a passion project that is influenced by my surrounding communities, called Appreciated Estates Inc. Through my business, I assist homeowners in enhancing their properties to maximize rental income or sale potential. All our services aim to enhance the quality of life for residents. My company’s mission is to improve the local real estate market’s state, to increase affordable housing that is legal and comfortable. Unfortunately, in this real estate market, many real estate investors appear indifferent to their tenants’ well-being and comfort, making our mission all the more crucial.

The target demographic for this business is every homeowner, with a specific emphasis on landlords who may be neglecting property maintenance. However, reaching this audience can be challenging, as we want them to change their stereotypical behaviors’. We realize that a lot of landlords aren’t willing to change their mindset, but the next generation might, hence, the inclusion of the term “Estates” in the business’ name. Using this word has a double meaning: one being “houses” and the other being “property owned”. So, the people who inherit these properties and are looking for estate management services will see our Google Ads and get recommended it through our SEO. The hope is that these new owners will change the house for the better and maybe use my services to do so.

For my view on Barrie, Ontario’s current status in regards to the real estate and rental market, click here:

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Leading Change In The Workplace

In my past roles (before my entrepreneurial ventures) I was heavily focused on improving efficiency, organization, safety, and creating comfort for staff in their roles. To do so I expressed solutions on a regular basis, which lead me to leadership roles, such as becoming a Lift Operations Supervisor, and my team’s Joint Health and Safety Committee member when I was a Highway Labourer. Change occurred because I took action and brought attention to longstanding issues that had been ignored for decades. In situations like these, someone must advocate for change, and I felt compelled to step up when others hesitated.

Creating A Better Workplace For Everyone

My commitment to enhancing aspects often overlooked by many resonates deeply with my personal values and aspirations. I am driven by a desire to enhance lives, which obviously aligns with the benefits of improved safety and comfort. Regarding organization and efficiency they both make life and workplaces more pleasant. Organization makes finding things easy and creates peace, at least for me, which is why I provide professional organization services through my company Appreciated Estates Inc.

When it comes to boosting efficiency it not only saves time but also expands the range of activities individuals can partake in, both professionally and personally. This is precisely the value that my “Productivity Management Consulting” service provides through URA Business Inc. My services address common issues that result in inefficiencies such as disorganized inventory management, equipment/tool maintenance issues, inadequate training, absence of clear goals and prioritization, no employee appreciation, administrative bottlenecks, lack of focus, ineffective communication, and lack of proper leadership. These are common challenges I’ve witnessed in my previous workplaces, and I can assure you that many employees encounter them in their own workplaces as well. However, with the right guidance, all of these issues can be addressed and overcome.

Why Have A Job And Two Businesses?

Effecting change for freelancers and within the local real estate market can be costly and requires me to hire individuals to support my efforts in areas where my expertise is lacking. Thus, maintaining a job alongside these ventures not only makes personal financial sense but it will also contribute to the overall success of my businesses.

Though my past roles may not have aligned with my ultimate career aspirations, I’ve found every opportunity to be filled with potential excitement and invaluable lessons. As I continue to navigate through different positions and industries, I embrace the prospect of gaining unique insights and skills that enrich my professional journey, recognizing the distinct value each job offers. Every job has offered me valuable learning experiences, which is why I am able to confidently say the jobs where my skillset will be most valuable.

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My Commitment

As both a freelance management consultant and an employee, I’m committed to seeking out solutions to all workplace challenges to foster a more productive work environment.

My skills revolve around business and creating original ideas. I never want to use something that is not original in my businesses or marketing. If you hire me, you won’t get someone on your team that tries to please you with what you expect, instead you will be blown-away by creative ideas you wouldn’t get elsewhere.

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Creating a variety of ideas.

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