Trying Out Artificial Intelligence

AI, You There?

I have been trying out Artificial Intelligence and testing out prompts. I am going to ensure most of my writing is original of course, but in times when I want to create a message and have writer’s block, AI can help. Editing most of my writing could also make me sound more professional. The fact of the matter is, that most people in this world are going to be using AI, almost strictly, meaning loss of jobs. Copywriting jobs are going to disappear and many jobs that are similar. The removal of these jobs will potentially be beneficial because that means people are going to have to convert to critical thinking methods, instead of just writing to write, to get paid.

A potential issue for me personally is that my No Need For College blog is not able to be written or edited without a lot of adjustments. It is basically impossible to write things that go against government opinions. As schooling is classified as a necessity in the minds of the government, AI is not able to create opinions that go against those beliefs. This also means that copywriters will exist for companies that have different beliefs. The only other way with government rule over this Artificial Intelligence software is if the companies have internal AI created to create like-minded views. Oddly enough though, I can kinda personalize messages for this blog, with enough information in my prompt.

No Need For College, a blog for future success.

This software is a way for startups to limit expenses and will likely help balance the field to a degree because everyone will have access to some type of Artificial Intelligence. How much better can a large company’s prompt writers be?

Initial Testing

I have only been testing Artificial Intelligence for a week and this is how I am currently writing prompts. This following prompt was entered into within the YouWrite Artificial Intelligence. I intend on moving over to Chat GPT. Once I get in touch, I will make the transfer.

I, Spencer Douglas, have been trying out AI. The leaps AI has made are astounding. I have been experimenting with blog writing AI. Editing my websites with AI. Making LinkedIn posts with AI. Creating photos with AI.

“Hello everyone!

I’m Spencer Douglas and I’ve been really enjoying experimenting with Artificial Intelligence (AI) lately. AI technology has come a long way in the past few years, and it’s amazing to see what can be achieved through this cutting-edge technology.
Recently, I’ve been using AI to write blog posts, edit websites, create LinkedIn posts and even make photos! It’s so exciting how quickly things can be done now thanks to these advancements in tech – it makes life much easier for me as an entrepreneur. The possibilities are endless when you have access to such powerful tools like AI at your fingertips.

All of this is just the beginning of what we will soon see from artificial intelligence – who knows where it could take us next? In any case though, if you’re curious about trying out some of these new technologies yourself then don’t hesitate; they are definitely worth exploring further!”

Is the above worth reading though?

Will Artificial Intelligence Work For Me Right Now?

Obviously, for a blog post, that would have been much too short. So I expanded on it. So maybe I will have to find software that can do longer blog posts, continue to add onto them, or enter multiple smaller messages to create a larger post. I think I will continue to do a mix, but that is just the way I am.

The fact of the matter though, with things not being completely personalized now, what is the point of reading AI-created messages? You can search for things through AI and don’t need to read anything, because Artificial Intelligence finds a neutral ground that it has learned over time. When will you just listen to what AI has to say, instead of researching and formulating your own opinions?

AI-Generated Photos About Artificial Intelligence

Anyways, photo time. These AI-generated photos were created with the prompt, “How do you interpret AI?”, with Canva.

Canva AI generated photos.